About Us

Brad Waldo

Brad Waldo has worked with teens and young adults struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders since 2012. Brad has been in continuous sobriety since 2011 and has provided services in residential, outpatient, and private settings. Additionally, he founded a non-profit organization in 2012 that brings recovery support services to artists, crew, and fans alike to large music festivals around the United States. Brad attended University of California, Berkeley and graduated top of his class while obtaining a double major in rhetoric and religious studies – working mostly in modern philosophy, political theory, and critical theory.

Brad has worked with teens, young adults, families, and touring musicians in his career in substance abuse and mental health treatment. Brad started working in behavioral health as a mentor and coach before moving into discharge planning and alumni services. He has spent the last four years working in admissions and outreach at two industry-leading residential treatment centers. In 2019, he returned to coaching, mentoring, and care management, aiming to provide high-impact long-term support for individuals and families. Brad has been a part of hundreds of individuals’ lives – before, during, and after residential treatment – and works alongside each individual and family with the goal of celebrating one year of continuous sobriety.

Brad’s academic, professional, and personal background provides each teen and young adult with an open-minded, grounded approach to recovery


 Emotional, physical, and relational fulfillment leads to sustainable, 

sturdy, and reliable recovery from drugs and alcohol.