Who We are & how we help

At Brad Waldo Consulting, sustainable, fulfilling recovery from drugs and alcohol is our goal. After over a decade of working in treatment centers and the music industry, Brad has identified key areas of risk to maintaining sobriety, and through individual recovery coaching and family care management, provides a solution for those risks.


Brad Waldo Consulting provides comprehensive assessment and referral to treatment, concierge discharge planning to ensure successful transitions to and from treatment, comprehensive first-year recovery planning, and around the clock support for each individual and family. 

We aim to help individuals find sobriety, health, wellness & wholeness.

Assessment & Consultation

Thorough family history, prior therapy, outpatient and residential treatment experience, and specific future goals inform a specific care management plan unique to each individual and family.

Care Management

Assessment, continuum of care planning, and treatment team coordination to ensure a successful care plan. Recovery domains include: medical, psychiatric, legal, clinical, and spiritual.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery-specific, daily, personalized support. Like a personal trainer or dietician for health and wellness, recovery coaching is a professional approach to recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Family Recovery

Supporting each individual within a family system of someone struggling with substance abuse. Each individual has access to a supportive professional to vent, process, and receive advice.

Brad Waldo

Sober since age 17, Brad has worked in drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment since 2012. Brad’s experience in direct-care, alumni programming, continuing care, discharge planning, outreach, and admissions for adolescents and young adults, in addition to his direct experience getting sober as a teenager uniquely qualifies him to guide families on their recovery journeys….

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